What is REVERB?

Progressive Technology Project’s REVERB Program combines training, coaching, consulting, and technical assistance to help organizations develop more integrated and strategic communications activities. REVERB focuses particularly on building the skills of organizers so they can take advantage of online communications without being dependent on dedicated communications staff.

The emergence of social networks and media has transformed traditional organizing to expand to online organizing. This changes how we connect to each other, who hears our message and if they become active — REVERB helps organizations integrate BOTH their online and offline communications with a key takeaway that meaningful data does matter.

At the end of the REVERB three-day training participants will develop an integrated approach to doing their work by:

  • Having a clearer sense of the important role of data and how to collect and manage it
  • Understanding the increasingly important role visuals play in reaching people and getting their messages across
  • Understanding the importance of and techniques for list segmentation as key to targeting different audiences
  • Learning how to break through the noise by finding what tactics work best by testing messages and using metrics
  • Creating an agile communications plan using workflows, a methodology that can also be applied to specific activities to larger events/campaigns as well
  • Understanding how to make your website, email, and other social media grab the attention of your constituents and ensuring that your messages and “look” are integrated and aligned
  • Learning how to reach new people through storytelling and visuals and understanding why communications skills should be widely held throughout the organization
  • Implementing and deploying their communications, and tracking engagements with PowerBase / CiviCRM

Training dates:

July 8-10, 2015 in NYC