PowerOn Network

The Power on Network brings together organizers and tech people to share their knowledge of the best practices of technology use in community organizing. Power On Network members have access to: a private web site for sharing resources and advice; a membership directory where members can find mentors and offer mentorship; frequent online presentations about the latest in technology; and an organizing technology convening where members will meet, have fun, and learn from one another.

The Power On Network is Progressive Technology Project’s (PTP) ongoing strategy for improving the use of technology in the field of community organizing by building and sustaining a community of practice; a consciously designed peer-to-peer network of people who share similar goals, interests, and employed common practices. The practice of network would consist of members exchanging information and resources related to using technology to support organizing work.

Why would individuals and organizations want to get involved?

The Power On Network will promote and strengthen new and existing collaborations, generate innovative practices, contribute to refining the skills and practices of its members, facilitate correspondence between members who need immediate solutions and advice, and will encourage organizers and tech people to share organizing practices across organizations.

What We Do

Members of the Power On Network can participate in a wide variety of activities:

  • Regular conference calls or online meetings on topics related to organizing and technology;
  • The formation of technology specific interest groups or “practitioner circles”;
  • Access to a membership directory identifying individual skills and interest to facilitate direct contact between individuals;
  • A private intranet for technology and knowledge sharing; and
  • Opportunities to exchange experiences in the best uses of technology with other members through organizational site visits and technology convenings.

Visit the Power On Network. You’ll need a log in to access most materials which you can get by emailing info (at) progressivetech.org.

Brief History

PTP believes that the solution to the limited resource dilemma is linked to the way groups learn best anyway – from the groups and individuals they know and trust. We have therefore appropriated a knowledge management technique used by successful corporations to spread expertise – the creation of a community of practice – and modified it for our own use.

In 2006, PTP recruited a nucleus of participants from graduates of our training programs to discuss the strategy and direction for a community of practice – now known as the Power On Network. The network held an initial convening in Atlanta in February of 2007 and sponsored events at the U.S. Social Forum. PTP is working with organizers and tech people to develop a series of activities and resources to make the Power On Network accessible to a wider base of participants.