With more than 100 community and labor organizing groups using it, PowerBase has become the leading online database software specifically designed for groups engaged in organizing. PowerBase is a tool that tracks what organizerswant – and need – to track. PowerBase makes it easy to share information both within organizations and with organizational partners and allies – everyone can use the same system both in the office and on the road.

Why PowerBase?

The simple reality is that until PowerBase came along there has not been a good, uniform, sophisticated database that works for both community organizers and fundraisers and that’s supported by organizing experts. The result is the situation that many groups still face:

  • organizing groups waste time and effort because they have to live with multiple  databases that have been cobbled together and do not capture fully the information groups want to track
  • nearly every organization uses a database unique to them, so there’s no easy way to exchange information, or receive technical support
  • commercial solutions are expensive and target the ‘nonprofit’ model – community organizers have very different needs

As more groups are tracking increasingly complex information, building memberships of hundreds to tens of thousands of people, engaging in voter participation efforts, and inputting data in multiple languages, the organizing community urgently needed a well-designed, well-supported, uniform database system. PowerBase is the tool to consider.

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