Grassroots Fundraising and Technology Training

Grassroots fundraising is changing rapidly. Technology is having an impact on how people hear about your organization and make the decision to give funds

PTP’s Grassroots Fundraising & Technology training takes a holistic view of raising money for your mission to build a stronger overall fundraising program. Organizations can benefit from mobilizing their staff and supporters and using their database to bring in new money in new ways. Our integration model of fundraising includes multiple levels of donor participation: grassroots, membership and major donors.Among the key components:

  • Cross team communication supported by a comprehensive database
  • Good data practices to support meaningful information and integrated non-duplicated data,
  • Powerful messaging and communications skills
  • Technical infrastructure and skills to make it all work

New Approaches to Grassroots Fundraising


GFT Training Photo

PTP has developed an integrated fundraising training model based our accumulated experience supporting fundraising with organizing groups on PowerBase. Our very first Grassroots Fundraising & Technology training took fundraising consulting one step deeper than usual by connecting fundraising advice with concrete actions community organizers could quickly implement using their CRM and communications tools. An integrated approach to increasing fundraising capacity in organizing groups amplifies an organization’s fundraising capacity. Our experience in supporting organizations using the PowerBase tools gives us the capacity to help groups bypass the trial and error approach to using technology.

We teach and support the idea that fundraising is organizing. In any given community organization, everyone can participate, not just the development staff. To achieve that, cross training and clear definition of best data practices are key ingredients.

PTP’s approach to this grassroots fundraising & technology training is holistic. We start by talking about the role of organizing.  We talk about how an organization’s future grassroots fundraising potential is linked to the data collection practices starting from the very first contact. We stress the importance of integrated online and offline communications activities, and we work closely with groups to create powerful messages and captivating visuals.

Our Grassroots Fundraising & Technology Training Program includes these key components:

  • Planning for grassroots fundraising campaigns and strategies
  • Understanding your donor relationships and segmenting your donors
  • Key elements in conducting a multi-channel grassroots fundraising campaign
  • Cross team communication supported by a comprehensive database
  • Good data practices to support data integrity and non-duplicated, useful data
  • Powerful messaging and communication skills
  • Technical infrastructure and skills to make it all work.

Interested in learning more about CRMs and Grassroots Fundraising?

Read our article from the GIFT newsletter: CRMs and Fundraising Campaigns: An Integrated Approach

We’re big proponents of engaging your staff and constituencies in supporting your organization and we’ve got great examples to share. Community organizers have deep cultural assets drawn from their relationships with the communities that support them. There is a great opportunity to utilize relationships to build your financial base.

The challenge is to do it with the least (appropriate) amount of work to gain the greatest benefit. Integrated Fundraising is a set of skills and techniques that exploit the power of the database and related communications tools to deliver compelling messages about issues that concern folks and tying that to the need for support to make change.

We’re really proud of our technical chops, and we’re also very excited to gather experts in fundraising, communications, and organizing! Each of the trainers who have a wealth of knowledge based on direct experience raising money with non-profit groups.  We believe in a multidisciplinary team and peer-to-peer learning approach to help participants get the most from the experience.