Shiny New Tools: Group Texting

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According to the Care2 Frogloop blog, group texting can make organizers lives a lot easier in communicating quickly and more efficiently with key staff.  Imagine  you’re organizing a field event and need to keep in touch with 15 organizers throughout the day. Group texting offers a good option to stay connected, answer questions, and deal with logistics. In other words, loose the dorky looking walkie-talkies.  Frogloop broke down the basics of group texting for us. Here’s how it works:

If you’re a first time user, create an account with a service provider like Groupme or Fast Society and download their app. Users can usually create an unlimited number of texting groups via smartphones, a standard mobile phone using texting commands or even online through the vendors website. Invite others to join the group by typing in their names and phone numbers and start texting away.

When you add people to your group they will receive a text message from the service provider notifying them that they’ve been added to your group. They will also be able to view other group members. Every time you and other members send a text, the entire group receives the text message so remember not to abuse it with unnecessary messages because you want people to find it useful and not tune you out. You can delete the group at any time.

All of the group texting service providers offer similar services but in the race to become the most popular, there are also some slight differences. A list with pros and cons is available here.

But Be Aware of Extra Fees: Most of the group texting service providers let users toggle back and fourth between getting SMS texts and receiving notifications through the provider’s app. Be aware that messaging and data rates may apply depending on the users contract with their mobile provider.

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