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Surveillance Then & Now: How to Protect Ourselves

COINTELPRO is an acronym for the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program. Some of the groups targeted by FBI’s COINTELPRO. Image Credits (clockwise): War protesters | Wikicommons; Black Panther Party | Ilka Hartmann; Students for a Democractic Society |; American Indian Movement | Ilka Hartmann; National Lawyers Guild | National Lawyers Guild website; and Young Lords logo |...

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We’re going to need to own the Internet

For organizers, it’s fundamental: no decisions about us, without us. But the opposite is happening in technology that local and movement organizing groups use today, and the challenges we are about to face will increase exponentially with the incoming Trump administration.  Bias is rampant online. The way to fix it is to insure the people controlling access to the internet and who are writing...

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On a ‘Should I Freak Out?’ Scale, Friday’s DDoS Notches an 8

The revolution may or may not be televised, but last week someone clearly tried to start it by TiVo. You probably read that it was mostly hacked DVRs connected to the Internet that were used to launch the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the Internet infrastructure Friday, Oct. 21. Wired provided a good, WTF analysis. Access to Powerbase was not affected. So, freak out or not?...

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Keeping Safe: Movement Organizations Face Up to Attacks and Surveillance

Dealing with harassment and surveillance need to be part of every organizer’s toolkit This July, PTP asked nonprofit communications expert Gordon Mayer to look at emerging issues we and our partner organizations face. This first piece offers a primer on surveillance and harassment. Nonprofits have a lot of other things to worry about besides surveillance and online harassment, but with an...

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